Leaf Collection

Public Works TrucksThe collection of leaves will be performed by the Streets Department each fall until the majority of leaves throughout town have been picked up. The schedule of leaf collection depends on a variety of circumstances (weather, holidays, etc.).

Spring, Summer & Fall Clean-Up

Spring Clean-Up Weeks are designated for the first full week in April, the first full week in July and the first full week in October. This gives residents of the Town an opportunity to spruce up their properties and get rid of large household items. Items can include appliances, furniture, brush and other yard debris, and tree limbs. Prohibited items include tires, paint, chemicals, and batteries.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving occurs during the summer and fall months. The paving list is determined during the late spring or early summer by a group of town officials who have a thorough knowledge of the street conditions. Please reference the street paving list when posted. The paving schedule is determined by the Town and the contractor and is in no particular order.

Snow Removal

The Town of Woodstock will conduct snow removal on all town streets. Route 11 and Route 42 are considered VDOT streets and therefore will not be plowed by the town. It is the resident or business owner’s responsibility to clean the sidewalks, along the front or side of their building, of snow and ice no longer than two hours after the snow shall cease to fall or by 9 a.m. the following morning per chapter 66, section 3, removal of snow.

Please do not push snow piles out of the driveways and into the street or across the street.


Whenever possible, residents should make every effort to park their vehicles off of the street during or before snow removal operations. During snow removal operations, all emergency routes will be cleared first, followed by residential streets in order of the general amount of traffic flow carried by each street.

Any vehicles parked in designated emergency routes will be immediately referred to the Police Department and will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Please reference the Snow Removal Memorandum (PDF) for guidelines.

Winter Driving

Although we favor citizens staying safe indoors, we understand that you may need to leave your residence by vehicle during inclement weather or may be trying to make it home. Please reference a few winter driving tips (PDF) for preparedness. (Courtesy of VML Insurance Programs)

Street Sweeping & Cleaning

The streets will be swept as needed and after events. 


Event signs and advertisements will not be permitted unless permission has been granted in a special circumstance. Yard sale signs must be free-standing and cannot be posted on light poles, telephone poles, street signs, etc. Please pick up any yard sale signs immediately after the sale.

Park Maintenance

Report any park equipment maintenance concern to Public Works for its timely consideration. Park bathroom facilities are closed by the Park Maintenance crew during the winter due to the probability of freezing pipes (at the end of October-first week in April).