Zoning for Business

What is My Business Location Zoned?

A fundamental question that shall be asked before opening your proposed business at a particular location is whether or not that location is zoned for the proposed use. The town of Woodstock has several districts, where business could potentially be conducted, depending on the zoning of the parcel of property.

Shenandoah County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department has included the Town of Woodstock's zoning parcel by parcel. Access the Shenandoah County GIS website and activate the parcel and zoning layers in order to see the zoning.

If you have additional questions about your parcel and what it may be zoned, please feel free to contact us!

Match Your Zoning with Your Proposed Business Use

After you find out what your property is zoned, take a look at the permitted uses listed in the Town of Woodstock's Zoning Code (chapter 90 of the code of the Town of Woodstock).