Automatic Payment of Utility Bills

Automatic Payment Plan

To provide additional convenience for our water and sewer customers, the Town of Woodstock offers the ability for you to pay your utility bill (water, sewer and refuse) through automatic monthly deductions from your bank account. These automatic payments are a safe and convenient method of paying your utility bill. No more writing checks and no more use of stamps. It is all done automatically!


You will continue to receive a utility bill on the first of each month. This will give you an opportunity to ensure funds will be available to cover the banking transaction and will also allow you to continue to monitor your water and sewer usage. While you will continue to receive a bill, you do not need to send a check. The amount of the bill will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date, which is the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a weekend holiday, your payment will be made the next business day.

Signing up

Please complete the Direct Debit Authorization Agreement (PDF) and return the form to the Municipal Office. Once we have received the necessary form, your bank will do a test run on your account showing a payment made to the Town of Woodstock for the amount of $0.00. Therefore, you will need to pay that month's utility bill (via cash or check) as you have previously done, and the following month your automatic payment plan will begin.


For your records, the transfer will appear on your regular bank statement. Should you ever feel that the transfer amount is incorrect, notify your bank to research the transfer. You can also stop payment on a transfer just like checks drawn on your account. You will also continue to receive a bill that indicates the amount due and when that amount will be deducted from your account.

Incorrect Bills

If you feel that your utility bill is incorrect, please notify the Municipal Office at least five business days before your bill is due on the 15th. If you would like to cancel the automatic payment plan, please remember to give us at least five business days before your next payment is due to cancel. You will then return to your old payment method.