Zoning Ordinance

The Town of Woodstock is hereby divided into classes or districts, which shall be designated as follows:

  • R-1 (Low Density Residential)
  • R-2 (Medium Density Residential)
  • R-3 (High Density Residential)
  • MC-1 (Medical-Hospital)
  • B-1 (Central Business)
  • B-2 (Highway/Commercial)
  • I-1 (Light Industrial)
  • I-2 (Heavy Industrial)
  • F-C (Flood Plain Conservation)

Please reference Chapter 90 of the Code of the Town of Woodstock for the zoning ordinance as amended by the Town Council. The Town requires a zoning permit (PDF) for all structures erected within the Town of Woodstock limits.

Please reference the Schedule of Development Fees for your project that requires a permit.